Phone Uv Sanitizer, Portable UV Light Cell Phone Sterilizer, Cell Phone Cleaners UV Light Sanitzier Box for iOS Android eliminates up to 99% of germs and bacteria


Smartphone Cleaner, Best Present for Family, Friends, Elders, Junior Smartphone Cleaner Introduction This is a multiple-function cleaner, which has clean,aromatherapy and charging functions. Lights clean dirty and make you live safety.Aromatherapy makes your phone smell more sweet and give you a better feeling. Usb charging supply power for your phone and makes you use it without worry. Fits Large Smartphones Compatible with cell phones and smartphones up to 6 inches, including tablets like the iPhone 6s and 7s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, Note 4, 5 and LG G3. Comes with a universal USB, Andrews and iOS charger cable, so you can charge your phone while it’s being cleaned. Clean Household Items The light toothbrush cleaner is also ideal for treating everyday dirty harboring items including keys, jewelry, watches, credit cards, socks, toys, forks, knives and eyeglasses. Great for Bluetooth headphones, MP3 players, small baby toys and pacifiers Smartphone Sanitizer Attention If DC5V/1A is provided to the device, clean/aromatherapy/charging can be used simultaneously. Input power can be be less than DC5V/1A,Otherwise the machine can not work effectively. There is an attached external usb cable to charge your phone(support ios&andriod phone). When machine is operating, please do not open the cover, and do not exceed 6 drops of essential oil while using. We recommend placing your phone and phone case inside regularly and removing the phone case once a month for a separate cleaning session. Package Included: Multi-function sterilizer x1 Micro USB charging cable x1 User manual x1 NOTE:essential oil not included,Please buy it yourself

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